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Progressive companies always seek new sources of competitive advantage. Activities for improving strategic purchase and procurement in both Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) can offer you potential for breakthrough performance gains. We assist you in the process of sourcing: conducting market research, evaluating vendors according to your fundamental requirements, and negotiating contracts.

  • Can I pursue competitive advantage through sourcing from CIS, CEE and SEE countries?
  • Where in CEE and CIS countries can suppliers and manufacturers from my sector compete in terms of price, quality and delivery better than those on my domestic market?
  • What should I do if I want to change my engagement in international purchasing from the "as-needed" activity to a part of more elaborated sourcing strategy?

PMR helps companies who do not have purchase & procurement (sourcing) strategies in place to contend with the wide range of difficulties, such as intensified rules and regulations, currency fluctuations, customs requirements, as well as language, time and cultural differences alongside the search for comprehensive suppliers and manufacturers. To make the sourcing from CIS, CEE and SEE countries successful we help you acquire necessary expertise to engage yourself in purchasing activities in the region.

With an aim to achieve major improvements and price reductions PMR consultants guide you through CIS, CEE, SEE countries to choose the best purchase & procurement solution for you and create a well-defined sourcing process or approach depending on specific country regulations and requirements.

We understand that each of our clients and the industries and countries they operate in are different. With this in mind, we tailor our services to the needs and objectives of each client. Within this, we group our services into the following main categories:

Sourcing opportunities evaluation

We prepare a study of whether there is a sourcing opportunity for your company in any of CIS, CEE and SEE countries at all. We ask the fundamental question "Does it make sense to source from here?". This service provides an overview of the sector you are interested in, your potential partners and main competitors, their prices and tariffs. Importantly, it includes details about the likelihood of you successfully fulfilling your objectives. If so desired, the study can also feature our recommendations for your sourcing strategy in the CIS, CEE and SEE region that interests you. Our approach is pragmatic and realistic – it does not always make sense to assume that there will be a sourcing opportunity in the CIS, CEE or SEE regions for every product or service. The purpose of this study is to save our client time and money by providing an informed, detailed assessment of their chances of succeeding with their sourcing strategy.

Sourcing partner search

Thanks to our consulting experience and presence on the CIS, CEE and SEE markets, we can support you in identifying the best candidate, or candidates, to become your sourcing partner in the region. We are able to help you find Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). This service includes partner selection, introduction, assistance in negotiations, legal advice and anything else that helps our clients gain benefits from sourcing in low-cost countries (LCC).

Purchasing strategy evaluation

Are you already sourcing from any of CIS, CEE or SEE countries but finding that the results don't match your expectations? If so, PMR can evaluate your strategy, identify areas for improvement and help you to implement the solutions that will lead to results matching expectations.

Evaluation of the supplier qualification process

Do you have a single supplier qualification process that you use in each region you source from? If you believe that only suppliers who fall into line with your existing process can be considered, you may be missing out on some of the most-interesting and beneficial sourcing opportunities. PMR consultants can help you adapt your supplier qualification process to the reality of the CIS, CEE or SEE business climates so that you can better realise the benefits these markets offer.

Meetings and negotiations

Suppliers in the CIS, CEE and SEE regions are often inexperienced in dealing with the procurement processes typically used by international companies. They are sometimes overly cautious, not always completely fluent in international languages, and may not have the scale, financial capacity or willingness to provide large shipments at the start of a business relationship. Such traits do not necessarily mean that the supplier is not capable or competitive, but it does mean that discussions may require a little facilitation in order to provide assurance to all parties involved. PMR provides this facilitation through the presence of our experienced, multi-lingual consultants. These consultants are familiar with the different business practices in the region and can provide support during meetings and negotiations.