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PMR Consulting is a specialised division of PMR, a British-American company providing market research and consulting services to companies interested in Central, Southern and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets.

Since 1995 we help global and regional companies in understanding their business environment, continuously increasing their market share and successfully entering a new territory. Many of our clients are listed on the Fortune 500 ranking.

We undertake over 300 research and consulting projects each year. The company’s longstanding experience and goal-oriented team of around 100 professionals underpin our commitment to providing our clients with up-to-date, relevant, consistent and actionable directions.

The scope of our projects varies according to the client’s need – we are equally adept handling multi-country as well as single-country projects. Our clients receive a reliable analysis, followed by conclusions and recommendations that can be used to add real value to their business evolution.

PMR Consulting supports our clients in decision making processes in the key business areas aiming at securing strong market position, identifying competitive advantages, optimising operational costs and as a result increasing return on undertaken investments in development.

PMR Consulting competitive advantage is built on a unique combination of a local approach with international quality standards. Value for our clients is also based on the synergy of in-house industry data, analyses, forecasts and personal contacts in variety of sectors, as well as consulting and research skills.

We are an active member of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) and ESOMAR (European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals).

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