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Analysis of imaging diagnostics and oncotherapy market

  • Industry

    Imaging diagnostics and radiotherapy

  • Geographical coverage

    Central and Eastern Europe

  • Client type

    Service provider

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Consultants from PMR were approached by one of leading market players on the regional market of imaging diagnostics and oncotherapy in Central Eastern Europe. The project objective was to understand the potential for further installation base in Poland provided in an easy to use and practical solutions that could be used by local sales team on daily basis.

Our deliverables

Our project team prepared a turnkey solution for our client that included several analytically critical perspectives:

  • Hospitals maps with their currently installed base
  • Other operating imaging diagnostic centres/entities not publicly owned and their installed base
  • Contracts with National Health Fund for particular treatments important for the client
  • Assessment of the market size for particular medical devices based on in-depth tenders analysis
  • Epidemiology and market perspectives
The whole analysis was packed in to Tableau, a very practical and handy platform that allows very easy and intuitive data analysis in real time using maps and selected interesting parameters.

Value for the client

As a result of the project the client received a ready tool that can be utilised on management level for business planning, sales budgeting and KPI setting up as well as by dedicated regional sales directors and sales teams for easier execution of their target and better understanding of where priorities should be placed.

Client's opinion

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