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Combustion by-products: market analysis in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Industry

    Combustion by-products

  • Geographical coverage

    Central and Eastern Europe

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction, industrial production

Client's need

A major player from the energy industry needed a comprehensive analysis of management of combustion by-products. Before entering new markets the client wanted to research the following issues:

  • The current consumption of combustion by-products among manufacturers of concrete
  • Factors determining the use of combustion by-products in the production process
  • Changes in the demand for combustion by-products in the next few years

Our deliverables

In order to meet the client’s business needs, PMR Consulting & Research conducted a CATI survey among manufacturers of concrete in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, supported by a desk research analysis. During those interviews, we raised issues relating to the levels of use of combustion by-products, and prices of particular types of these products. In addition to that, we asked a series of questions aimed at identifying the factors which might motivate or restrict the use of combustion by-products in the process of manufacturing concrete. A thorough desk research analysis was also conducted, in order to diagnose market trends.
This approach allowed us to get a complete picture of the current state of the sector, and to develop forecasts for the years 2017-2020.

Value for the client

PMR’s report helped the client tackle their business challenges, and to precisely plan their market entry strategy.
The document provided data on the volume and value of the combustion by-products marked in the researched countries. The factors motivating the use of those products in manufacturing concrete will help the client get a better understanding of potential customers. Market forecasts for 2017-2020 will allow the company to estimate demand for their products.

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