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Market feasibility study on the cement and aggregates market in Russia

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    Aggregates and cement industry

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction

Client's need

Our client is an entity that has obtained concession rights over a birthplace of limestone and clay, which are important ‘ingredients’ in the production of different construction materials. In order to evaluate the possibility of exploiting the quarry, the client needed market, technical and financial feasibility study of the project.

Our deliverables

We started the project by analyzing the input materials and did theoretical conclusions on which product groups should to be discarded due to lack of efficient input base. Potential considerations were: cement, limestone flour, limestone crushed aggregates. Once being left with these feasible product groups, we analysed the market realities and modelled the market opportunity.

Value for the client

We produced a high-end feasibility assessment for the possibility to set-up modern cement production. The cross-check of the technical and the business rationale were highly appreciated and used as base for further business development for the client.

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