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Vaccine market in Europe: market entry feasibility study

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    EU 27

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Our client – a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and vaccines – commissioned PMR to analyze the entry potential of a new product for the vaccine market in selected European countries.
The project’s objective was to deliver knowledge about the opportunities to enter these markets – information based on a solid analysis of the user’s preferences, the competitive environment, market data, and recommendations for an effective market entry strategy.

Our deliverables

The PMR team analyzed the following areas and issues:

  • Demand for the new vaccine among potential users in every analyzed market
  • Measures previously used to prevent certain infections
  • Epidemiological data and economic forecasts
  • Buying preferences of potential users of the vaccine
  • The competitive environment
  • Recommendations for the most effective marketing tools

We delivered a report containing concrete solutions for promotion and sales, which should be implemented so that the market entry process is efficient and the business risk minimized.

Our methodology included both desk-research analysis, and primary data from interviews conducted simultaneously in each of the markets.

Value for the client

The PMR team delivered recommendations, thanks to which the client will be able to prepare and implement an effective entry strategy for new markets in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.

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