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Public tenders for medical devices in Poland: market analysis

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Our client – a manufacturer of advanced blood collection systems (preanalytical solutions) asked PMR to conduct an analysis of the tender market in specific categories of single-use medical devices in Poland. The project’s goal was to deliver information on the value and volume of the public procurement market in certain product categories, an analysis of the competitive environment, and a segmentation of customers in the public healthcare sector.

Our deliverables

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of tenders in specific product categories, in different types of public health care units in Poland. This allowed us to gain insight into the needs and purchasing preferences in terms of single-use medical devices, and into the current trends in tender based purchases. 

Customer segmentation was developed based on the most important criteria in terms of our client’s business operations. An additional element was delivering information on tenders announced by public health care facilities for outsourcing services of selected medical procedures, which involves reporting the demand for medical devices.

An analysis of the competitive environment provided information on our client’s competitive position, their market share in each product category analyzed, unit prices, and the most popular brands on the market.

Value for the client

The client received an extensive report on the public tender market, which allowed them to address the needs of current and future customers, and to increase their market share.

The database we completed as part of the project delivered valuable information on their competitors and became a useful tool in building a business development strategy in Poland for the next few years.

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