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Evaluating the local real estate market and preparing a feasibility study

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Client's need

Our client is a diversified entity with focus on industrial manufacturing and wanted to diversify its business activities and invest in a modern mixed-use real estate concept appeared. Out task was to evaluate it in terms of market and financial feasibility.

Our deliverables

We assembled a multidisciplinary team consisted of 1 civil engineer, 2 architects and 2 business analysts and conducted the project work both at Client’s premises and at our offices. Preliminary evaluation of the site delivered 3 potential development scenarios, which were all evaluated against the future development in the project’s catchment area. We developed DCF model for each of the scenarios and put forward recommendations on the preferable site use.

Value for the client

The client was able to understand the residual value of the land and evaluate its strategic options forward. It received a comprehensive document that also contained new preliminary designs of the potential development and gave solid technical view in the matter.

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