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Light-frame construction market analysis in Poland

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction

Client's need

PMR Client was an international leading company operating in the building materials industry, i.e. materials used in construction of light-frame building. Main goal of the client was to strengthen their position on the Polish market.

Our deliverables

Project works were focused on the analysis of the light-frame buildings construction market. Despite growing significance, this technology is still not included in the public statistics in Poland, which was a challenge in understanding market dynamics and structure. An important part of the project was quantitative research conducted among construction companies, architects and building managers. Based on the results of the primary research, market data and expert interviews, PMR analysts estimated shares of the light-frame technology in different construction sectors and forecasted further development of this technology in Poland. Also the driving and decling factors were included in the final market description.

Value for the client

Our client received data-based analysis of the light-frame construction market. Our report outlined business potential of particular construction market segments defined as demand for product offered by the client. Based on the set of recommendations, our client is able to develop action plan in terms of sales strategy, which should enable achieving of the main goal which was strengthening of the market position on the Polish market.

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