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Laboratory diagnostic equipment in Poland: market research and analysis

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Our client – an international player in the market of cutting edge laboratory diagnostic equipment – commissioned PMR to conduct a market analysis of the laboratory testing segment in Poland. The project’s aim was to conduct an in-depth market segmentation of specialist diagnostic laboratories in both the public and private sectors, and to deliver information on the buying habits of selected facilities.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR researchers and consultants completed a large-scale project consisting of several complementary modules. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Polish market of specialist diagnostic laboratories in terms of the number and type of lab tests being carried out, as well as the amount and type of equipment used.
The first stage of the study was a detailed analysis of tender procedures conducted by public medical facilities over the last few years. We carried out a meticulous analysis of purchases of laboratory diagnostic equipment, broken down by consumables, instruments and analyzers. 
Furthermore, PMR analysts completed estimates of the value and volume of the market (based on aggregated data) and delivered extensive data on the development forecasts for the next couple of years.
Additionally, a team of PMR consultants carried out an in-depth analysis of the competitive environment, which, during a subsequent stage of the project, was used to develop profiles of our client’s main competitors. The profiles included companies’ business models, sales strategies and SWOT analyses

Value for the client

The client received a compendium of information on the laboratory diagnostic equipment market in Poland, which helped the company make strategic business decisions. Thanks to the analysis of tender procedures delivered by PMR analysts, the client gained valuable insight into current and potential customers, as well as the competition’s strategies.
The market insights and recommendations for the most optimal direction of business development allowed our client to use the full potential of the Polish segment of diagnostic testing and to achieve market success in Poland.

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