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Commercial Due Diligence of a acquisition target in the Polish IT market

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Client's need

Our client, a leader in the Polish market of IT infrastructure management, data transmission, colocation and hosting, commissioned PMR to conduct a due diligence study. The project’s aim was to perform a thorough analysis of the company (also an IT infrastructure management company) which our client was planning to take over.  PMR carried out a detailed analysis of the company’s condition in terms of business and their technological capabilities

Our deliverables

Our analysis, according to the client’s requirements, was focused on two areas:

Business due diligence:

  • Analysis of B2C clients (ARPU, dynamics of customer numbers, customer retention rate, analysis of the existing customer base vs. market potential based on geolocation, service price benchmarking) 
  • Analysis of B2B clients (revenue dynamics vs. customer number dynamics; structure and dynamics of revenue per service provided and per customer group based on contract value)
  • Financial analysis (structure and dynamics of the profit and loss account, and of the balance sheet from the previous 3 years; working capital turnover)

Technical due diligence:
  • Infrastructure quality based on number of fibers in a cable
  • Historical development of the infrastructure broken down into types of cables
  • An analysis of the infrastructure’s topography
  • Market potential of business customers in terms of customer size, based on geolocation
  • An analysis of technical and legal documentation of selected sections of the infrastructure
  • Infrastructure management systems
  • Network bandwidth

Value for the client

The project resulted in clear conclusions and recommendations on the cost-effectiveness of the proposed transaction and further possible business steps. Our conclusions pertained to 3 major areas:  

  • The business risks associated with maintaining the current cash flow
  • Technical risks which could potentially terminate or hinder the company’s operations
  • Support in preparing a quotation based on a EBITDA indicator, including the identified risks.


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