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Replacement parts in the Polish mining sector: market study

  • Industry

    Mining industry

  • Geographical coverage

    Central and Eastern Europe

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - industrial production

Client's need

Our client required assistance in the analysis of the mining sector in Poland. A priority for the client was to analyze the purchasing processes of replacement parts and materials used in Polish mining – an industry which is undergoing continuous restructuring. The study was designed to find information on the needs of major players in terms of product offer, decision-making factors and the purchasing process. All this information was of key importance for the success of our client’s future operations.

Our deliverables

We conducted a preliminary analysis of the sector (both surface and underground mining), taking into account the specific nature of the purchasing process of tools and materials used in mining, depending on the type of mine. Based on this pre-established division, we developed questionnaires tailored to particular respondents and conducted a series of interviews with market experts and persons making purchases at companies from the mining sector.

As a result of the interviews we:

  • Mapped market experts’ opinions
  • Determined the current condition of the industry, along with purchasing trends
  • Indicated key purchasing factors for machinery and tools used in the mining industry.

Value for the client

Thanks to the analyses delivered by PMR’s team of consultants, the client was able to practically apply the gathered data and make the required changes in their current business processes. The data also allowed to define the product portfolio’s scope so that it meets the needs of local players, which resulted in optimizing operating and distribution costs.

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