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Meat products in Poland: consulting support and market entry strategy development

  • Industry

    Meat industry

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    Processed meat manufacturer

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - retail/FMCG

Client's need

Our client, one of the leaders in the market of meat and meat products in Northern Europe, was considering investing in the Polish processed meats market, and was looking for a company whose acquisition would be the most beneficial from a business standpoint.

Our deliverables

During the course of the project the PMR team analyzed the meat market in Poland. We examined changes in the structure of consumption and production over the last few years. Using econometric models and secondary data from various sources, our project team prepared estimates for future consumption and production, which showed the dynamics in particular segments (pork, beef, poultry). We also analyzed the impact of the Russian embargo on Polish meat exports. Furthermore. PMR estimated the current market structure, indicating major players in the Polish meat market.
Selected meat processing companies were then profiled in detail, including, among others, key products from their offer and main channels and regions of distribution. The profiles also presented key indicators of a given company’s financial condition.

Value for the client

Thanks to the report our client gained valuable information on selected companies operating in the processed meats market in Poland. Additionally, the client was able to get a better view of the overall condition of the market, together with the key factors influencing the volume and structure of sales of meat and meat products in Poland.
All this crucial information allowed our client to make further decisions regarding entering the Polish market.

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