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Healthcare and medical imaging equipment in Ukraine: market analysis

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    Medical equipment manufacturer

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Our client, an international company operating in the market of high-tech diagnostic equipment, commissioned PMR to conduct an analysis of Ukrainian healthcare and the segment of medical imaging equipment. The aim of this project was to analyze the current state of healthcare in the country and to assess the market potential of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR consultants prepared a segmentation of healthcare facilities in Ukraine, broken down by hospitals and other facilities. We also gathered information on the condition of healthcare, prospects for development of medical imaging, and thoroughly analyzed the competitive environment and operating models of companies supplying diagnostic equipment in Ukraine.
We prepared an estimate of the market value of both public and private healthcare markets, taking into account the recent legal and organizational changes, as well as market trends in medical services. The analysis was supplemented by short-term development forecasts for this market in Ukraine.
We also analyzed major market players in terms of market shares of key manufacturers of equipment, their operating models and product offer.
An added value of our research was a map of Ukraine’s regions with a database of hospital profiles, including an index of attractiveness in terms of their demand for medical imaging equipment.

Value for the client

As a result of the project the client received detailed information on the healthcare market in Ukraine, which allowed them to have a better understanding of its overall current state, as well as any existing opportunities and barriers.
Results of the analysis of tenders provided our client with knowledge of the methods of choosing and purchasing medical imaging equipment by healthcare facilities, backed by historical data and market forecasts.
The information and recommendations put together by PMR allowed our client to make key decisions on further development in Ukraine, so that the company can reach its full potential in that market.

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