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Implementing a new sales and marketing strategy for clients in the B2B sector

  • Industry

    Food and beverage

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  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - retail/FMCG

Client's need

Our client, a leading company from the FMCG industry, was in the process of optimizing a new sales and marketing strategy for B2B customers – their main target group. In order to meet the expectations of their business partners, the client wanted to implement a new strategy.

Our deliverables

PMR consultants and the client’s team, having had at their disposal the sales figures from the last few years, and the results of market studies, completed the following: 

● Evaluation of the potential of business clients from various segments
● Possible development scenarios for those segments
● A sales plan that could be implemented in a short time.

Additionally, the PMR team carried out workshops with the client, in order to jointly discuss an optimal sales strategy.

Value for the client

As a result of the project, the client received practical guidelines concerning the implementation of the most advantageous sales and marketing strategies for day-to-day cooperation with business partners, as well as guidelines for optimizing their sales force, which allowed the company to more effectively increase the value of their sales. 

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