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Mapping business partners: support in developing an entry strategy for the German market

  • Industry

    Kids apparel and footwear

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type


  • Delivery time

    2 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - retail/FMCG

Client's need

A leading manufacturer of children’s apparel operating in Eastern Europe was working on plans to expand their retail network into the German market. Until now, our client was not involved in business activities in Western Europe, due to a lack of knowledge of the specifics of those markets, as well as a lack of a developed network of business partners. 

Our deliverables

The PMR team conducted a multi-step analysis. Its starting point was to diagnose the current trends in the children’s clothing segment. Next, a team of analysts performed a detailed analysis of the market in terms of mapping the leading retail brands (mono-brands as well as multi-brands), investigating their marketing strategies, distribution models, geographical spread, product range, prices and customer needs. The comprehensive analysis included profiles of potential business partners and their modes of operation, and became an excellent starting point for building a long-term marketing strategy. 

Value for the client

Thanks to the analysis, the client was able to verify the assumptions of the company’s marketing strategy and develop and effective market entry plan for Western European markets. The findings allowed to rapidly build a strong competitive position against the major players in the local markets, and to construct an effective marketing message tailored to the expectations of local consumers. 

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