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Sizing and segmentation of the market of cloud solutions in Ukraine

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    Cloud solutions

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    4 weeks

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Client's need

Today, companies around the world are adding cloud computing to their list of IT solutions. And increasing number of businesses see the cloud’s strategic importance and the growing possibilities it offers. For this very reason our client, a company from the cloud computing industry, wanted to gain insight into the current size of the Ukrainian market, and to learn more about its segments. The client placed particular importance on an evaluation of their strategy, and the competitive advantages of other players in the local market. This would allow the company to revise their business strategy and further growth opportunities.   

Our deliverables

A team of PMR consultants applied two parallel approaches. One was based on an analysis of secondary data from various sources, so that we could get a precise estimate of the market’s size and segments. The second was to approach various entities operating in the cloud computing industry, in order to obtain interesting market insight first hand.

Value for the client

We completed the project successfully, and the client was able to get a better understanding of the Ukrainian market. Therefore, the company could determine the next steps in creating a product portfolio. Our findings showed that the competition in this segment was stiff, and each player chose a different positioning strategy. PMR’s answer was to deliver a clear and factual overview of areas which the client could use in building a competitive advantage.

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