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Market development forecasts for the thermal insulation materials segment in Poland. Consulting support in building investment strategies

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    Insulation materials manufacturer

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction

Client's need

The client wanted to have a better understanding of the current and long-term status of their products in the construction market, but also to obtain independent insight into the structure of the thermal insulation materials segment in Poland. An additional aim of the study was to find out about the attitudes of end-customers who purchase the client’s products, in order to determine which products have the biggest sales potential.

Our deliverables

The comprehensive study included a detailed analysis of the current state of the construction sector, focusing on the development of the thermal insulation materials segment (including special purpose materials).

The analysis included information on:

  • Market size and structure
  • Main development factors
  • Competitive environment and major players
  • Distribution channels and production capacity
  • Major trends in the market

In order to explore the thermal insulation materials market to the fullest extent, we used both primary research methods (in-depth interviews with experts and competitors), and desk research analysis, including market development forecasts for the coming years.

Value for the client

Thanks to the information from our research the client was able to assess their current position in the Polish market and draw up a business strategy for the future. The market forecasts provided by PMR became a valuable tool in making key investment decisions.

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