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Pharmaceutical distribution in Greece: market analysis

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    Pharmaceutical distribution

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    3 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

Our client - a leading European distributor of pharmaceuticals - commissioned PMR to conduct an analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Greece. The client wanted to gain insight into the local market and the competitive environment, and use this information to make further business decisions.

Our deliverables

We conducted an analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Greece, taking into account market value and volume, structure, and prospective directions of development in the next few years. Market analysis also included information on the recent changes in Greek healthcare and pharmaceutical legislation, along with an analysis of the overall macroeconomic situation. 
Analysis of the competitive environment included detailed profiles of major players, their operating models and strengths and weaknesses.
Data collected from desk research was then supplemented by primary data. PMR consultants conducted qualitative interviews with representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies and distributors.
The data collected in the course of the interviews related to the current condition of the Greek pharmaceutical market and healthcare, models of pharmaceutical distribution, and identifying the market leaders in the Greek pharmaceutical distribution market.

Value for the client

The client received a compendium of knowledge about the pharmaceutical distribution market in Greece, critical in terms of making further business decisions.
Data provided by PMR on the operating models and success factors of main competitors in the Greek market made it easier for our client to develop and adjust their market entry strategy to local conditions, and provided support in achieving market success.

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