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Fruit and vegetables in Belarus: market entry strategy

  • Industry

    Agriculture and food

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  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

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Client's need

A group of Western European producers of fruits and vegetables was interested in verifying potential opportunities and threats associated with exporting to a new market – Belarus. The lack of knowledge about local market conditions and customer habits and preferences made the project impossible without the help of an external party. Therefore, the client commissioned PMR to conduct an analysis which would form the basis of an entry strategy.

Our deliverables

A mixed quantitative and qualitative approach was applied. We estimated market value and volume using hard data from reliable sources, and our team conducted CATI interviews with major local importers to cross-check the early conclusions from our research. This way, we gained comprehensive insight into the intricacies of the market and potential ways of entering it, which gave us a solid basis for drawing up and profiling an entry strategy for our client.

Value for the client

The client was able to validate their early marketing plan assumptions about expanding to new foreign markets. The analysis also helped them to make a decision to meet some of the local players to discuss a more specific collaboration in the future.

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