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Analysis of the petrochemical value-added products market in Poland

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    8 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - industrial production

Client's need

Our client - a manufacturer of value-added products in the petrochemical sector - was keen on obtaining an analysis of the current market position of their products, as well as on determining their long-term sales potential in the Polish market. The client also wished to learn about, and understand, alternative strategies that might reap business benefits in the future. These objectives necessitated a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s past and present activities in terms of technique, technology, environment and law.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR Consulting analysts carried out an extensive analysis of the petrochemical sector’s current state in terms of:

● Market size
● Market structure
● Major players
● Production capacity and main factors of development
● Main distribution channels
● Current trends in the petrochemical market in Poland
In addition to a desk research analysis, we conducted in-depth expert interviews, which allowed us to deliver valuable insights into the Polish petrochemical industry. Thanks to a combination of our research methods and cooperation with a partner who performed a technological evaluation of the solutions, we were able to deliver a comprehensive assessment of the market and present our recommendations.

Value for the client

The information gathered during the course of the study allowed our client to assess their position in the Polish market and to formulate a strategy for the future. As a result, the client is also able to adjust their offer to the needs of Polish consumers and the realities of the local market.

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