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Consulting service for medical manufacturer in Poland

  • Industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type


  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

A Western European manufacturer of medical products needed mapping of potential partners in Poland. This was to be preceded by a very quick and focused research of the potential for doing business in Poland, primarily focused on analysing the competitive environment and understanding the therapeutic approach in Poland.

Our deliverables

This being a project with a very short-deadlines, PMR conducted a quick overview of the market with special focus on reimbursement policies and positioning of competitive products.This became the basis for creating business plans and reaching out to potential partners who were a good fit based on their financial strength and experience in providing distribution solutions of these kinds of products.

Value for the client

PMR’s market intelligence and research led to a number of key recommendations. We mapped potential partners and prepared a strategy for entering the market. The client was able to streamline their business development efforts and start the negotiation process right away.

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