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Market analysis and partner mapping for a foreign producer of pharmacy lab equipment in Poland

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    Pharmacy lab equipment market

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - pharma/healthcare

Client's need

A leading European manufacturer of pharmacy lab equipment asked PMR for assistance in finding a distributor for the Polish market. Our client needed expert insight in the pharmacy market in Poland, intelligence about the competitive environment, a deep understanding of potential clients’ purchasing preferences and key points in the sales cycle. The client also wished to identify potential value-adding sales partners. 

Our deliverables

PMR delivered a concise report about the Polish pharmacy market, including volume and value sizing of relevant segments, an analysis of strategic steps in implementing a new product (such as production, distribution, logistics and sales) and market development trends in the medium and long term. PMR consultants sourced primary data from key stakeholders, enabling for an analysis of purchasing habits of major decision makers and influencers. The market study included profiles of key competitors and insight into their operation models.

The market study and insights collected thereby were further complemented by initial business development actions, where a selection process of business partners took place and several best fitting companies were brought to the knowledge of the client for future business consideration.

Value for the client

Thanks to the results of the project, the client was able to adjust their positioning and sales strategy in Poland and increase their chances of success, which in turn will allow them to gain a competitive advantage.

The study’s finding also enabled the client to better adapt its product offering to the Polish consumers’ growing expectations and tap into the market’s potential.

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