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Online vs. brick and mortar: the future of electronic equipment distribution

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    Electronic devices and equipment wholesale

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Client's need

The client wanted to review their strategy for the coming years (particularly with regards to sales and marketing) and to verify their business model. The main question was whether to further develop and improve traditional trading with multiple partners, or to switch to online based distribution. 

Our deliverables

PMR consultants delivered market analysis including sizing, dynamics, segmentation and constructed an econometric model in order to estimate forecasts for online distribution of electronic equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. These activities were supported by market research conducted among several key groups of stakeholders.

As the study’s aim was to evaluate the profitability of switching to an online sales and distribution and to calculate the potential risks of this decision, PMR prepared several financial scenarios for different ways the market can potentially develop.

Value for the client

In order to optimise the company’s strategy, PMR consultants delivered valuable recommendations pertaining to the expansion model, the client’s perspective and readiness for innovation, as well as specific guidelines for a successful implementation of the strategy.

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