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Support in finding a strategic partner in the metalworking industry

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Client's need

Our client, a leading player in the metalworking industry in Western Europe, decided to expand production capacity due to an increasing number of orders from regular clients. To achieve this goal, the company decided to take over a similar company in the Central and Eastern Europe region. 

Our deliverables

PMR consultants thoroughly investigated local markets and business opportunities in five key countries in Central and Eastern Europe specified by the client. Based on precise technical and business criteria, defined in cooperation with the client, a number of potential partners were selected. A shortlist was drawn up after preliminary talks with the owners and management of the companies. After a thorough review of interest in cooperation and the capabilities of all parties, our client managed to establish a partnership. 

Value for the client

Our consultants accompanied the client throughout the whole process, from a general overview of the market in the region up until the final stages of negotiations and establishing cooperation with the new partner. Thanks to the continued support at every stage of the project we were able to focus, together with the client, on the key issues of the transaction and the company’s business development.

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