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Analysis of the building materials market in Russia

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    Energy-efficient materials

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Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction

Client's need

In order to confirm the validity of the client’s development strategy, a manufacturer of building materials for the non-residential market commissioned PMR to evaluate the market potential  and provide in-depth competitor analysis in the building materials segment. Particular emphasis was placed on the European part of the Russian Federation, where client’s development potential is the most significant.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR consultants and researches conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the target market. The research methodology included secondary data  research and analysis, as well as primary research mainly consisted of in-depth interviews with industry experts and active participants.

The secondary data analysis included:

  • macroeconomic overview and forecast
  • data analysis of production and foreign trade dynamics
  • data analysis of proprietary company data.

The primary study was conducted among competitors, market experts, distributors and potential consumers.  The ability to conduct widescale expert interviews, the entire product supply chain was mapped, giving a solid insight in the distribution end an insight in direct needs of  B2B clients.

Value for the client

These research results became basis for a report which identified the market’s current condition and the client’s position in it. The report presented detailed data on foreign trade segmented into different product variants, giving a clear picture of consumers’ preferences. Included forecasts formed a base for the strategic recommendations aimed for our client’s further development.

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