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Milk market development in Poland – analysis in the context of milk quotas liberalisation in 2015

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Client's need

Our client, a leading dairy producer, was in the process of building development strategy in the context of milk quotas liberalisation in Poland slated for 2015 when requested consulting support from PMR.

Our deliverables

To build a reliable market development model and to assess the total milk market supply and demand, PMR consultants did the following:

  • developed forecasts for global, European and domestic macroeconomic indicators (population growth, disposable income increase, etc.)
  • created forecasts for global, European and domestic agriculture indicators (corn prices, cattle farms effectiveness, etc.)
  • analysed supply and demand based on the predicted direct and indirect consumption, production capabilities, foreign trade factors, etc.
  • conducted an impact assessment of qualitative factors
  • created scenario analysis – modelling of key risks as well as growth opportunities.

Value for the client

The client received an exhaustive model that included forecasts for the series of relevant indicators for the milk production, together with qualitative factors explanations and the milk quotas liberalisation impact description.

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