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Utilising PMR’s specialised tools to analyse road transport sector

  • Industry

    Temperature-controlled transport

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  • Delivery time

    3 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - retail/FMCG

Client's need

Our client, an FMCG producer in the process of optimising its budgeting policies, approached us with a request for a report on the market for temperature-controlled transport of goods. PMR experts recommended expanding the project to include dedicated tools that would enable the client to conduct independent analysis – thus extending and deepening the conclusions prepared by PMR analysts– but also allow the client to improve the process of managing relations with transport service providers. In particular, this would allow the client to reduce prices and to decrease the risk of cooperation (e.g., a provider going bankrupt during the contract period).

Our deliverables

The team of PMR analysts provided the client with a comprehensive solution:
  • A sector report – comprised of a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the industry, forecasts concerning the key sector indicators vital to the budgeting process (as selected by the client) as well as specific suggestions about the market.
  • A data analysis tool – comprised of more than 50 key economic indicators for the assessment of the road transport sector’s financial condition, in particular, temperature-controlled transport.
  • A tool for assessing financial condition and likelihood of insolvency – for 25 transport companies selected by the client.
  • A tool for independent analyses – specific to the road transport sector; after entering current data, the tool calculates forecasts for selected indicators (using an econometricmodel prepared by PMR’s analysts).

Value for the client

PMR’s project not only provided the client with broader, up-to-date information and recommended action items, but also established a set of tools the client could use to improve the budgeting process and manage relations with transport companies. This allowed our client to:
  • forecast values necessary to carry out an efficient budgeting process for transport costs
  • enhance negotiation processes with transport service providers
  • independently update analyses and forecasts as needs change
  • terminate relations with providers with a high risk of bankruptcy
  • identify opportunities for negotiating price reductions.

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