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Unleashing the potential of large-scale investment into road and rail infrastructure of the Modern Silk Road Corridor

  • Industry

    Rail and road transportation

  • Geographical coverage

    Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan

  • Client type

    Private Equity

  • Delivery time

    12 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - construction

Client's need

As the governments of several Eastern European and Central Asian countries plan to allocate substantial funds in an effort to build new roads and rail tracks in the region, the client approached PMR to advise him on the amount of investment the road and rail sectors in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will require over the next five years and how big the construction sector is expected to grow.

The client was interested in knowing what the major investment hurdles are and how big the intergovernmental cooperation on the Modern Silk Road project is. Through primary sources data and information collection, as well as thorough an in-depth analysis backed up by secondary information cross-checking, PMR consultants were challenged to contribute to better informed decision-making at the client’s organization.

Our deliverables

PMR consultants carried out a methodologically challenging project that was divided into several stages in which every single stage resulted in a clear output for the client. Efficient fieldwork strategies were employed to identify key decision-makers and players in the sector with whom experienced industry-related PMR interviewers conducted in-depth discussions on the current and future state of the industry aiming to find answers to the questions stated above.

As a result, PMR consultants established cooperation-favourable relations with key policy makers at Ministries for Transportation of each of the states, major sector decision-makers at governmental agencies such as Rosavtodor and RZD in Russia and their counterparts in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, local transport infrastructure maintenance unions and intergovernmental road and rails-related organization members and others. For the outcome, PMR consultants designed a continuously supervised and guided study that helped the project to successfully achieve final objectives and the client to make informed investment decisions after the project had been completed.

Value for the client

The client, who had limited previous knowledge on road and rail investment climate in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, received advice on what areas are worth investing in, the sector’s potential, and existing major challenges. Moreover, PMR consultants helped the client get networked with almost 100 policy and decision-makers in the sector of road and rail infrastructure in the countries in question who will possibly assist the client in his investment endeavours.

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