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Market entry feasibility study for ecological household detergent manufacturer in Poland, Hungary, Sweden and the United Kingdom

  • Geographical coverage

    Hungary, Poland, Sweden, UK

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - industrial production

Client's need

Our client, a leading North American household detergent manufacturer, wanted to enter the Polish, Hungarian, Swedish and British markets with ‘green’ products. The client was concerned about the entry barriers and legal requirements, as well as their competitors’ policy on positioning of best-selling products in this category on market shelves, and labelling.

Our deliverables

PMR consultants conducted an in-depth market study, and interviews with current manufacturers and distributors of ‘green’ household products as well as with legislative bodies responsible for regulating ecological trade in each market. Store checks were conducted in each country and relevant products were purchased and labels analysed in respect of the competitors’ marketing approach.

Value for the client

The client received a comprehensive and complex report describing the legal environment regarding launching and labelling of ‘green’ products, presentation of the best-selling products on each market (photos and translation of labels), and competitors’ policy on launching ecological product lines. PMR consultants prepared also recommendations as to the most efficient market entry strategy for each of the markets, and also information as to cases in which market entry is not recommended. These recommendations were based on analysis of the legal situation, interviews with relevant market players and decision makers, and analysis of positioning and sales of existing products.

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