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Competitive intelligence study of the chemical industry in Poland

  • Geographical coverage


  • Delivery time

    8 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - industrial production

Client's need

Our client wished to obtain detailed information on the production in Poland of one of the chemicals used in plastics. The client required, in addition to general information on producers and their financial standing, insight into the technology implemented, suppliers of raw materials, key customers and plant capacity.

Our deliverables

PMR consultants carried out very detailed desk research and an analysis of secondary research in order to identify potential experts in the field who could participate in very in-depth interviews. Forty interviews were held, not only with market insiders, but also with academic professors, in order to understand all aspects at the highest possible level and to provide the client with answers to all of his questions.

Value for the client

The client obtained a detailed report on the current situation in the Polish chemical industry and, in particular, on a specific product. The report included a description of the production technology implemented, sources of raw materials and the level of sales of selected plastics. The information provided helped the client to develop his future strategy. All of the objectives defined by the client as being within the scope of the research have been met.

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