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Commercial due diligence on a Hungarian company

  • Geographical coverage


  • Delivery time

    3 weeks

Consulting Project - PMR Consulting - industrial production

Client's need

The client, a global supplier of paint related products, was interested in receiving detailed information on a Hungarian company active in paint manufacturing.

Our deliverables

The study started with desk research gathering all information available on the company from official sources and databases. PMR consultants carried out several in-depth interviews with key managers at the company and its subsidiaries in the neighbouring countries. A media-check was also conducted to assess the company's image on the local market.

Value for the client

PMR analysed all the information collected and has prepared a due diligence report. The client received a comprehensive information on the selected company, presenting it’s strategy, history, product offer, distribution network and an analysis of the latest financial data. The report represents the basis for further decisions with regard to potential mergers and acquisitions.

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