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Business assistance for one of the major European financial institutions

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Client's need

One of the European leaders on the financial services market was very much interested in the Polish insurance market. The client needed to obtain concrete information on how the market is functioning, who the main players are, in which direction the market is developing, etc. The client decided that the best way to do this was to send their representatives to Poland in order to meet with different market players and obtain as much relevant information as possible. The client turned to PMR as we have, not only local knowledge and language skills, but also experience in researching the financial market in Poland. PMR was asked to arrange meetings with highest level executives of various institutions. The client defined precisely which profiles these institutions should have. The next step was to assist the clients representatives during their visit to Poland.

Our deliverables

Within a very limited period of time PMR found potential institutions the client could meet with, communicated their names and profiles to the client and got feedback on the client's priorities. Subsequently, our consultant scheduled the relevant meetings with people in very high positions in the companies of interest. In parallel to this activity, PMR gathered valuable information on the market that was to be provided to the client before the meetings started, to give them background information for the meetings. Over two days, PMR consultants assisted the client's representatives during their visit to Poland, providing support in terms of language skills as well as local knowledge about the market. This assistance made the client's visit to Poland even more valuable.

Value for the client

Thanks to PMR's help, our client made a fruitful visit to Poland, that resulted in a deeper understanding of the Polish insurance market and a valuable contacts portfolio.

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