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Choose from a selection of market analysis written by our experts. The topics covered in these analysis include reviews of the market situation in selected sectors and information about trends and forecasts for CEE countries.

Market analysis - PMR

Market analysis - PMR


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Terms glossary

The PMR Consulting team prepared a glossary of terms and phrases used in consulting projects. Information contained in the glossary will be helpful in getting to know the types of consulting services, etc.

  • What is the "venture capital"?
    Equity Capital provided to small companies, start-ups to finance development and growth; expected return is usually higher than in case of Private Equity financing as Venture Capital investments incorporate more risk.
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  • Who is the "strategic investor"?
    An industry player interested in expansion via acquisitions usually due to limitations in developing organically or due to interest in activity diversification.
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  • What does the term "desk research" mean?
    A research technique consisting of the analysis of already available data from various sources, their mutual verification and consolidation. This can constitute an independent research technique or be the initial phase of the project preceding the phase of collecting primary data. Desk research is an important part of the PMR Market Insight methodology used by PMR Consulting.
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