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PMR Consulting undertakes consulting projects for clients from all sectors of the Central, Eastern, Southern, and also Western European markets. We offer a unique blend of experience and in-depth understanding of market nuances and workings. Our key areas of expertise include:

Construction market

Analysis of the competitive landscape, overview of the market and major players, distributor and partner search, and commercial due diligence are just a few examples of the type of consulting project PMR Consulting regularly undertakes on the construction market.

Construction - Industry

Retail and FMCG

Learning about the target market, generating an overview of the competitive landscape or developing distribution channels are just a few areas in which we regularly provide advisory services for clients interested in retail and FMCG markets.

Retail & FMCG – Industry

Pharma and healthcare

We provide consulting services to clients seeking to optimise their distribution channels or maximise their presence on the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets of CEE, SEE or CIS countries.

Pharma & Healthcare – Industry

Industrial production

Expansion into new markets, development of distribution channels, assessment of the potential of further penetration of the market, or an overview of the competitive landscape – these are just a few examples of the areas in which we provide consulting services for clients operating or interested in the industrial sectors of CEE, SEE or CIS markets.

Industrial Production - Industry

Other industries

We have conducted consulting projects for clients in various industries, including finance and insurance, IT and telecoms, luxury and consumer goods, tourism, aviation, automotive and chemical.

Other Markets – Industry