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Consulting Services – Uzbekistan

Since gaining independence in 1991, the Republic of Uzbekistan has introduced several structural reforms. Thanks in no small part to the country’s commitment in the fight against global terrorism, the country has obtained a significant international development aid and several credits, which in combination with IMF expertise, has made it possible to stimulate the national economy. What’s more, from mid-2003 on, the government began implementing economic reforms designed to privatise the Uzbek economy and liberalise the rules of doing business in the country. As a result, in recent years, Uzbekistan has benefitted from rapid economic growth. Uzbekistan has substantial natarul resources, including oil, gas and gold, and the country also plays an important role in several global industries (cotton and mineral to name just two). With this potential, it is safe to assume that Uzbekistan’s economy will continue to develop vigorously and rapidly.

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Uzbekistan

PMR Consulting can deliver a wide range of advisory projects in Uzbekistan: competitive intelligence services, to help our clients to develop a clear picture of the market, including information on major players and their market shares, dominant trends and changes in market structure, and identification of both their potential differentiators and possible barriers to market entry or further penetration. Furthermore, we provide analysis of financial and investment activities. Depending on the circumstances, we support our clients whether they be buyers with acquisition plans or companies looking for new sources of investment.

General data

447,400 km2

29.5 million


Official language:

Ethnic groups:
80% Uzbek, 5.5% Russian,
5% Tajik, 3% Kazakh,
2.5% Karakalpak, 1.5% Tatar,
2.5% others

National boundaries:
Kazachstan 2203 km,
Kirgistan 1099 km,
Tajikistan 1161 km,
Afganistan 137 km,
Turkmenistan 1621 km
Uzbekistan som (UZS)

Time zone:
GMT +5

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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