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Successfully embarking on new ventures requires the availability of high-quality information and insight into local market conditions. PMR Consulting provides market analysis that includes everything from macroeconomic conditions to the immediate competitive environment so that you can proceed with your expansion plans confidently and armed with the knowledge required to succeed.

  • How can we expand our presence in the region?
  • What are our strengths and potential weaknesses compared to major competitors?
  • Should our main focus be on product, customer base or geographic expansion?

Our offering

For clients already present in the CEE, SEE or CIS regions, PMR Consulting offers a wide range of advisory services aimed at helping achieve expansion and increased market penetration. Our services range from providing insight into local markets to pan-regional market penetration and drafting expansion strategies. The end product of such projects is typically a report containing an overview of market conditions, as well as an assessment of the market’s value and identification of potential barriers to further penetration.

Value for the client

PMR Consulting provides value to its clients in the form of an in-depth understanding of a specific market, its drivers, competitive landscape, opportunities and potential threats. This information enables clients to take the steps needed to increase their market share in existing markets and expand in nearby markets quicker and more effectively than the competition.

PMR represents the channelling of almost twenty years of consulting experience and best practice into a market intelligence. We are one of the first companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to offer professional consultancy for the businesses interested in expanding in the region.