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Consulting Services – Macedonia

Following the break up of the USSR, Moldova severed its economic ties with countries belonging to the former Soviet Union. While this may have delivered a greater sense of independence, it also meant isolation from these markets. Despite economic progress since that time, Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. It has no natural resources and is heavily dependent on agriculture. Production of wines and brandies represents a major portion of the Moldovan economy. The country has no energy resources of its own and so is highly dependent on foreign suppliers. As part of Moldova’s attempt to join the European Union, the country’s government initiated a range of reforms designed to encourage market-based economic growth.

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Moldova

Consulting services offered by PMR Consulting for Moldova include corporate finance support. We assist with buy-side transactions (acquisitions), sell-side transactions (disposals), mergers and other fund-raising exercises. Furthermore, PMR has experience in market intelligence studies aimed at reviewing our client’s cost base structure. We work with clients on identifying areas where costs may be excessive and draft optimal sourcing strategies accordingly. Apart from that, we provide market analysis comprising estimation of market size, identification of key market players and their market share, forecasting market size, specification of the product distribution structure and an overview of the legal and competitive environment.

General data

33,851 km²
3.6 million
Official languages:
Moldovan (Romanian),
locally: Russian,
Ukrainian and Gagauz
Ethnic groups:
78.2% Moldovans, 8.4% Ukrainians,
5.8% Russians, 4.4% Gaugazes,
1.9% Bulgarians, 1.3% other
National boundaries:
Romania 450 km, Ukraine 940 km
Moldovan leu (MDL)
Time zone:
GMT +2
Area code:
Internet domain:

Other countries:

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