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Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to establish or grow your presence in CEE, SEE or CIS markets through acquisitions? Or are you looking for the strategic or financial backing necessary for your business to take the next step? PMR Consulting provides tailored services to support clients on both the buy-side and sell-side of merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions. Our extensive experience operating in the CEE, SEE and CIS regions means we have access to both strategic and financial investors, and means we can effectively support deals involving not just solid, prospering businesses, but also fire sales and high-risk transactions.

  • Which company should my company invest in for the best ROI?
  • Who might be interested in buying my company?
  • What are the region-specific risks associated with the process of buying or selling a company?
  • Is there a shareholder within the target company willing to sell?

PMR mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and due diligence advisory services cover a broad range of transaction types. We provide services for buyers and vendors of businesses in Central, Eastern and Southern European countries. We assist with buy-side transactions (acquisitions), sell-side transactions (disposals), mergers and other fund-raising exercises.

We advise on:

  • “buy-side” transactions for clients interested in buying companies,
  • “sell-side” transactions for company owners wishing to sell.


  1. Agreeing terms of business with PMR.
  2. Help with definition of an acquisition profile.
  3. Identification of targets.
  4. Selection of potential targets by the client.
  5. Approaching the chosen targets, establishing meetings and client visits.
  6. Assessment of companies visited.
  7. Preparation of an initial offer and price negotiation.
  8. Preparation of the letter of intent.
  9. Due diligence.
  10. Final negotiations.


  1. Agreeing terms of business with PMR.
  2. Gathering information about the company.
  3. Preparation of teaser and information memorandum.
  4. Identification of potential buyers.
  5. Approaching investors and organisation of visits.
  6. Gathering of offers.
  7. Negotiations.
  8. Due diligence.
  9. Finalising the share purchase agreement.

Note: PMR Consulting never works on both the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side of the same transaction.

PMR Consulting can help clients enter new markets and access new channels in CEE, SEE and CIS markets. We also help clients already present on specific markets to consolidate their presence and leverage scale. Our services encompass the entire project cycle, from the conception of an idea through to implementation and final execution. Our extensive network in Central and Eastern Europe, coupled with an integrated portfolio of related value-added services – research and business intelligence publications – guarantee expert advice and sector focus. We make sure that our understanding of client business needs is at the heart of all aspects of the transaction.

Typical profile of a vendor in a merger & acquisition project:

  • Company owners wishing to obtain financial support for business development from a private equity house, venture capital fund or mezzanine fund.
  • Company owners wishing to become part of a larger organisation and looking for a strategic investor.
  • Company owners with succession problems.
  • Company owners wishing to sell their business completely and engage in another activity;
  • Companies wishing to sell a specific part of their business.
  • Companies operating on a competitive and fragmented market, wishing to create a larger group by merging with competitors.
  • Financial investors wishing to sell one of its portfolio investments.

Typical profile of a buyer in a merger & acquisition project:

  • International companies not currently present in CEE, SEE or CIS countries, but wishing to start their activity in the region by taking over a local or regional player.
  • International, regional or local companies already present in CEE, SEE or CIS countries, seeking to accelerate growth by acquiring companies present in the region.
  • International companies – present or not yet present in CEE, SEE or CIS countries – seeking to take over a particular company and looking for an adviser to run and coordinate the acquisition process.
  • Financial investors looking for a company in a particular industry in the CEE, SEE or CIS regions.
  • Financial investors looking for add-on investments to bolster their existing portfolios.