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Consulting Services – Lithuania

Lithuania, like the other two Baltic states, is geographically well situated for those businesses aspiring to establish a strong foothold in Russia. After Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania was the third of the former-USSR republics to join the European Union (2004). Notable advantages of the country’s geographic location also include its border with the Kaliningrad Region (Russian exclave), Belarus and Poland, which is the largest market among the new EU members. Most of the Lithuanian population speak Russian, although Polish is also spoken in some parts of the country. The fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), biotechnology, plastics, electrical machinery and equipment, business process outsourcing (BPO) and logistics are all attractive prospects for potential investors.

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Lithuania

PPMR Consulting has experience in conducting various types of advisory projects for the Lithuanian market. We perform market and industry studies, including the identification of key market players and estimation of their market shares, overview of the competitive and legal environment and distribution chain analysis. We offer sourcing and cost optimisation services, including a thorough analysis of the client’s cost base and the identification of areas where cost optimisation efforts will deliver the greatest benefit. Apart from that we provide mergers & acquisition support and due diligence advisory services to help our clients in a broad range of transaction types.

General data

65,200 km²

2.9 million


Official language:

Ethnic groups:
83.7% Lithuanians, 6.6% Poles,
5.3% Russians, 1.3% Belarusians,
3.1% other

National boundaries:
Belarus 502 km, Latvia 453 km,
Poland 104 km, Russia 227 km


Time zone:
GMT +2

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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