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Consulting Services – Kazakhstan

The economy of Kazakhstan is based on industry and agriculture. It is the world's largest land-locked country and has considerable deposits of raw materials for energy (coal, petroleum, natural gas) along with minerals and metals (iron ore, copper, zinc, lead, phosphates, chromium, manganese, silver and gold). For several years, Kazakhstan has been the world's leading location in terms of uranium ore mining. Kazakhstan occupies 49th place (out of 185 countries) on the World Bank list in terms of the conditions of new business establishment and is also listed among the countries with high investment attractiveness. In the opinion of the World Bank, Kazakhstan is doing well in all indicators, including the availability of workforce, ease of starting new companies, protection of the rights of investors, taxation of businessmen, international trade and the safety of and respect for signed contracts. Kazakhstan is currently working on securing its place in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Kazakhstan

PMR's expertise in the area of consulting in Kazakhstan integrates a wide range of advisory projects such as: market study, including an overview of the market structure and major demand stimulators, key market players, pricing strategies and tariffs. Importantly, PMR's consulting activity includes an analysis of our client's likelihood of successfully fulfilling their objectives. Our ultimate goal is to support you in maximising your return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, our competencies in the Kazakhstan include carrying out consulting projects which aim in improving the structure of the cost base and optimising organisation by spinning off non-core and non-value-adding assets. Apart from that we provide financial and investment activities in Kazakhstan to ensure your business is maximising its return on investment and identifying opportunities for optimisation. Within the framework of our consulting services in Kazakhstan we will also help you fulfil your growth and investment ambitions, whether that be acquiring market players to stimulate growth, identifying potential merger partners or securing the outside investment you need to take the next step.

General data

2.725 million km²

16.6 million


Official languages:
Kazakh (1st), Russian (2nd)

Ethnic groups:
63.1% Kazakh, 23.7% Russian,
2.9% Uzbek, 2.1% Ukrainian,
1.4% Uyghur, 1.3% Tatar,
1% German, 4.5% other

National boundaries:
Russia 6846 km, China 1533 km,
Kyrgyzstan 1051 km,
Uzbekistan 2203 km,
Turkmenistan 379 km
Tenge (KZT)

Time zone:
GMT +6

Area code:
+7-6xx, +7-7xx

Internet domain:

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