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Consulting Services – Hungary

The key advantages of the Hungarian economy, compared to other CEE countries, in terms of doing business is its favourable fiscal environment, combined with the fact that Hungary is a member of the European Union. Despite occasional political disturbances, the country has a stable democracy.

Among the key factors that make Hungary an attractive location for investment are its well-developed infrastructure, a focus on advanced technologies and innovation in the manufacturing of high value-added goods. Germany is a major investor in the country and accounts for 30% of total foreign direct investments.

Our market and marketing research services in Hungary

PMR Consulting experience in the Hungarian market includes a wide range of advisory projects including competitive intelligence services which help our clients to develop a clear picture of the market, including information on major players and their market shares, dominant trends and changes in market structure, and identification of both their potential differentiators and possible barriers to market entry or further penetration. Furthermore, our competencies in the Hungarian market include support with transaction financing. We provide support on transaction financing aspects to ensure our clients achieve feasible and reasonable breakouts between equity, mezzanine and debt financing.

General data

93,030 km²

10 million

Official language:

Ethnic groups:
96.6% Hungarians, 1.6% Germans,
1.1% Slovaks, 0.7% other

National boundaries:
Austria 366 km, Croatia 329 km,
Romania 443 km, Serbia 151 km,
Slovakia 676 km, Slovenia 102 km,
Ukraine 103 km
Hungarian forint (HUF)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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