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Competitive intelligence

By collecting and managing competitive intelligence we help you keep up with the fast-changing business environment and assist you in being ready to respond effectively to the ever more challenging market conditions. When conducting the Competitive Intelligence we provide you with a reassuring sense of control over the situation in the business environment and reduce your uncertainty and anxiety.

  • What are the current plans of competitors?
  • How am I going to gain a winning position in the rapidly changing business environment?
  • How should I react to my competitors' changing strategy?

Acquiring the winning position on the market and being always up to date with the top-list companies requires highly skilled knowledge management, which PMR business consultants are able to offer on the premium level. We help you get the necessary foreknowledge on what the next steps of your competitors might be, so your business strategy matches their further steps.

Competitive intelligence is an indispensable part of your general business strategy as it benchmarks you with your competitors, pointing out both your weaknesses and key assets, and suggests the best way on how to act on the market tomorrow. Based on competitive intelligence PMR consultants help you develop strategies that are more sustainable in the long run so you achieve continuous growth and secure business results.

The services can be grouped into several main categories:

Multi-country competitive intelligence in CEE, SEE and CIS

We help our clients identify how their competitors operate in selected markets of the region. How do they adapt to local business cultures? What niches do competitors seek to occupy? How do their offers differ from country to country? Multi-country competitive intelligence is essential for any company aspiring to do business in several countries in the CEE, SEE or CIS regions. We'll provide you with strategic guidance and help you answer specific questions about a particular sector of the economy and other market players operating in that sector so that you can make the right decision about your next steps.


PMR Consulting provides services that enable you to objectively compare your offering and market position with that of your competitors. As part of the service, we use a set of matrix-based tools to evaluate your strengths and potential weaknesses. Our approach to benchmarking provides an analysis of the processes and performance metrics in comparison with the sector’s best-performing companies or even best practices from other industries.

Counter-competitive intelligence activities

We work together with you to limit your exposure to competitive intelligence activities conducted by competitors. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we know how to prevent your company from becoming a target to other competitive intelligence specialists. We check your information disclosure policy, identify potential fields where unintended sensitive information leakage is possible and implement safety measures accordingly to make sure your valuable company information remains confidential.

Competitive intelligence training

We work with our clients and train them in how to use competitive intelligence to maximise business benefits while minimising costs and time. Through this service we demonstrate how competitive intelligence can be used to accelerate the development of your company, show you what kind of information can be gathered and, importantly, how to analyse and make optimum use of the data gathered.

Pre-market entry competitive intelligence study

We analyse the competitive environment of the Central, Eastern or Southern European country you aspire to do business in so that you can determine whether market entry is advisable. We ask the fundamental question “Can you make money here?” and then do the work necessary to make sure you can answer this question with confidence. Our service provides a detailed overview of the client's main competitors, their prices and tariffs, and the likelihood of your company successfully meeting its objectives.