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Business perspective

Achieving vision for your company

If you:

  • need advice on further development of your business to increase revenues,
  • seek support in restructuring your business activities to make your business more efficient and improve profitability,
  • require assistance in engaging your company’s money to make a successful investment and expand your business,
  • have a more specific demand...

...investigate further on what premium value PMR consultants create.

Strategy & development

PMR consultants help you increase profitability by providing support in decision-making processes within key areas of your business. Central, Eastern or Southern Europe have been a strategically important and tactically successful market for plenty of businesses. PMR consultants verify your company's chances there and assist you in developing a winning breakthrough strategy that will help you outperform your competitors.

Strategy and Development

Corporate finance

PMR business consultants’ expertise stretches further on evaluating your financial and investment activities, so the best target is chosen to make a successful investment, and therefore the best solution is implemented for the organic growth of your business.

Corporate finance


Achieving increased benefits that products and services bring to customers at lower cost for your business requires a profound improvement in business performance based on the best international practices and business traditions predominant in CEE and CIS countries. PMR consultants are highly skilled, extensively experienced and well networked within the region to ensure the success of the development strategies for your future business processes.


Data solutions

PMR consultants are supported by specialized data analysis department, which provides you with data solutions that support the creation, implementation and monitoring of corporate strategy, and its execution while minimizing the cost of acquiring information or data.

Data solutions