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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Consulting Services – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Of the countries formerly belonging to the Yugoslav Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the second poorest (after Macedonia). Since peace in the region was achieved, however, considerable progress has been made in the country. Thanks to a strict fiscal policy and the pegging of the convertible mark (BAM) to the euro, inflation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has remained low. Investors planning to enter the Bosnian market can obtain favourable legislative treatment, tax exemptions and are also able to benefit from free trade zones. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s key export commodities are metals, clothing and wooden products, whereas machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels and food account for the majority of imports.

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

PMR Consulting can deliver a wide variety of advisory projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We offer market studies where we provide clients with an overview of the market structure and major demand stimulators, major market players, pricing strategies and tariffs. All our activities within this range of services are channeled towards our ultimate goal of helping you to maximise your return on investment (ROI). We also provide an analysis of financial and investment activities. We assist with buy-side transactions (acquisitions), sell-side transactions (disposals), mergers and other fund-raising projects.

PMR clients planning to invest in the Balkan region often require information and insight for several markets at the same time. In these cases, PMR draws upon its experience of implementing international consulting projects and conducting studies in multiple markets concurrently to provide a comprehensive end-to-end advisory service.

General data

51,129 km²

3.84 million


Official languages:
Bosnian, Croatian,

Ethnic groups:
48.3% Bosniaks, 34% Serbs,
15.4% Croats, 2.3% other

National boundaries:
Montenegro 225 km, Croatia 932 km,
Serbia 302 km
Convertible mark pegged to the euro
at a fixed exchange rate – BAM
or commonly KM

Time zone:

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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