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Consulting Services – Belarus

Belarus is very much an enigma within the CEE region – a peculiar mix of an authoritarian state, where personal freedoms and human rights are highly restricted, while at the same time boasting an economy that has been growing at an average rate of 8% in recent years. In recent years, the Belarusian market has attracted many interesting investors, most of which have entered the market by partnering with local (typically state-owned) institutions. The most notable of these has been the collaboration between MAN and MAZ, a local manufacturer of trucks and building equipment. Belarus’ location, between Russia and Western Europe, represents a strategic asset for the country.

Consulting services provided by PMR Consulting in Belarus

PMR Consulting has experience of delivering advisory services for Belarus such as: competitive intelligence (CI) services, which help you benefit from a clear picture of the market, including major players and their market shares, dominant trends and changes in market structure, as well as the identification of both your potential differentiators and possible barriers to market entry. We can also prepare a study of whether there is a sourcing opportunity for your company in the Belarusian market. Apart from that we provide due diligence advisory services to support you across a broad range of transaction types.

General data

207,600 km²

9.47 million


Official languages:
Belarusian, Russian

Ethnic groups:
83.7% Belarusians, 8.3% Russians,
3.1% Poles, 1.7% Ukrainians,
3.2% other

National boundaries:
Latvia 141 km, Lithuania 502 km,
Poland 418 km, Russia 959 km,
Ukraine 891 km

Belarusian ruble (BYR)

Time zone:
GMT +2

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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