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Consulting offer

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Highly motivated and results-driven PMR consultants with their extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of Central and Eastern European countries (CEE) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) business affairs make a meaningful contribution to your company’s decision-making and development.

Being constantly involved in broad types of market intelligence and business processes optimisation, we help you face the challenges in an ever more globalized world and steer your growing business in the right direction. Browse through our services to find fit-for-purpose solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Business perspective

Business PerspectivePMR Consulting is prepared to learn the perspective of a given business and provide a dedicated advisory approach. We provide support in decision making processes in key business areas aiming in increasing return on investment.

Business Perspective

Business goals

Business Goals PMR Consulting provides a wide range of advisory services, which aim in helping our clients achieving their business goals. We can provide an overview of the market that interests you as well as prepare a general market intelligence study aimed at reviewing your cost base structure.

Business Goals


Consulting ServicesPMR Consulting provides a wide range of consulting services for the Central, Eastern and Southern European markets, including competitive intelligence, sourcing, market studies and mergers & acquisitions.

Consulting Services